I am going to give you some insight on how I started my Elvis Tribute Show. It all started when I was 11 years old. I went to the Hollywood Theatre in Northeast Minneapolis and saw Elvis’ movie “Change of Habit”. I thought he was great, and since then I have been singing Elvis songs. As the years went by I had a dream of performing Elvis, and was encouraged by my friends and family. In 2000 I finally followed that dream and started my business as an Elvis Tribute Artist. I want the dream to continue to come to life in every one of my performances.

I have two great teenage boys, which I have had the privilege to raise. They travel with me to my shows and help with sound and lighting. I was born in Deer River Minnesota of American Ojibwa Indian descent. Also, I am a member of the Fond du lac Indian Reservation.

I am honored to be featured in a book by Pamela Thomas-Williams called “Elvis Lives – The Business of Being Elvis”.